Max the Cube
Racking Solutions

So How Do You Max Your Cube?

Max the Cube has been developed by Thistle Systems over the last 10 years to provide clients with a means of examining their entire warehouse operations to identify ways in which they can maximise the performance whilst minimising costs and energy consumption.

We have compiled data from over 3000 installations and projects over the last 10 years in an attempt to identify the hidden costs within racking systems

With the pressure to reduce costs at all levels of business never being greater our extensive research identified 7 hidden costs within 90% of all racking systems.

When we showed the preliminary results to a few of our key clients, they were stunned.

By addressing these hidden costs you could transform performance, achieve a real competitive advantage and deliver tangible bottom line benefits.

The process takes into consideration every aspect of the warehouse from racking design to maintenance and from picking process to truck travel times and from outsourced storage to energy costs and provides the optimum solution to balance storage capacity, speed and safety.

By understanding work flows, SKU volumes, stock turnover levels, we can develop a business case that will show clients how they can gain the maximum return on their investment with the minimum payback period.

The first stage is to download our free report which will show you the "7 Hidden Costs Within Your Warehouse."

It includes:

  • The costs involved by not optimising the space Why you may waste money on building a new storage facility
  • The hidden cost of double and treble handling goods
  • Why most companies underestimate forklift travel times
  • Why certain racking solutions cost more to maintain


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